Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lino Voga : manually modifying generated invoices

The field invoiced object of a sales invoice item is a GenericForeignKey pointing to the invoiceable object which caused this invoice item. This field is injected by lino_xl.lib.invoicing.models into the item_model.

Until now it was not editable, but now it is.

This was a bit tricky because there were two subtle problems in the core:

  • the automatic chooser defined by GenericForeignKey did not work (I once wrote this but never tested it).

  • lino.modlib.extjs generated invalid JS code when the field used as parameter of a chooser was a unicode string. It used this code:

    "...jscode...(%r)" % varname

    which caused JS code ...jscode...(u'invoiceable_id'). Now it uses:

    "...jscode...('%s')" % varname

Lino Care : more optimizations


  • New field rating and a choicelist Ratings (Excellent, Good, Okay, Suboptimal, Bad).

  • New user profile “Connector” (Bittensammler)


  • Einfache Benutzer sollen Bitten nicht löschen können (selbst ihre eigenen nicht).

  • Site admins and connectors should be able to see a history and make statistics about how many pleas have been requested, done, rated etc.

  • The “Office” menu should come after the “Pleas” menu in the main menu toolbar. Some commands of the Office menu seem useless and should get hidden again.

  • Einen Vorschlag ablehnen können. IOW add a possibility to “refuse” a suggestion.

  • Add a “geographical location” per ticket? Do we need the site field in its current meaning (in Lino Care)?

  • Do we need a new model “Promise (user, ticket, date_taken, date_done, evaluation)”?

  • How to invite the reporter of a ticket to rate a ticket when it has been done? List of “Unrated pleas which are done”.

  • Was sollen Bittensammler alles tun können?