Monday, September 5, 2016

I removed the lino.modlib.vocbook package from the Lino repository because it is really a very special thing and had not much to do with Lino. I used it to generate a French course for Estonians. Maybe I’ll publish it some day as a separate project.

I changed the symbol used to represent EndSession from ◉ to ■.

I discovered the Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs block and –as if I had nothing urgent to do– selected some of them as button_text for our TicketStates:

======= ========== ========== ======== ========
 value   name       text       Symbol   Active
------- ---------- ---------- -------- --------
 10      new        New        📥        No
 15      talk       Talk       🗪        Yes
 20      todo       ToDo       🐜        Yes
 21      sticky     Sticky     📌        No
 30      sleeping   Sleeping   🕸        No
 40      ready      Ready      ☐        Yes
 50      done       Done       ☑        No
 60      refused    Refused    🗑        No
======= ========== ========== ======== ========

Advantage for everyday users is that the content of the Workflow field becomes shorter. Disadvantage for newbies is that they must learn the meaning of symbols…

pytest: command not found

Travis reported /bin/bash: pytest: command not found when building Lino Noi. Yes of course: the pytest dependency must be in install_requires and not in tests_require because we are not launching test in that case.