Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Optimierungen Lino Care September 2016

I created a new ticket #1188 which actually groups the tickets I talked about with Annalisa last week.

  • new and sticky are now being considered “active” states.

Python 2to3 compatibilities

As a side effect of #1157 I eliminated some more (not all) Python 3 incompatibilites in Lino Noi, Lino Così, Lino Welfare, Developer Guide and some other projects.

This was because a nice thing happened: Sandro reported that he had started to convert appy.pod to be compatible Python 2 and 3.

But he had “started from the sources downloaded as tar.gz as he was not able to understand which is the URL of Gaetan’s repository since the launchpad one is outdated.”

So I now did about the same work, but I did it on a clone of the currently official appy repository, using a fresh checkout by running “svn co https://svn.forge.pallavi.be/appy-python-3/luc appy” as Gaetan explained to me in his mail on 2016-09-06. I committed my changes and they are now visible here:

But unlike Sandro I did not care about python Tester.py, I only removed the things which caused my own test suites to fail. When I run inv test in Lino Noi under Python3, then if fails because of a Syntax error in appy.pod.

Sando created a repo on bitbucket to show his work:

The question now is: will Gaetan be able to merge our work into his official version?

Lino and Docker

Subha is working on #1176. Our idea is to provide some docker files on the docker hub so that independent Lino hosters can quickly create a new Lino instance.

In a first step I suggest two dockerfiles with the following demo applications:

  • lino_noi.projects.team

  • lino_voga.projects.roger

When these dockerfiles are ready, we will need to write documentation on the Lino website about how to use them. I started this documentation under Lino Hosting Guide. (Subha, these files are in the Developer Guide repository under docs/hosters. Feel free to modify them.)