20161024 (Monday, 24 October 2016)

About Lino Hosting

I worked on the documentation in the Lino Hosting Guide. After quite some experiments (IMIO since 2012, Code Gears since 2015) I hope that thing are now getting clear and that Abakus will become the first Lino Hosting Provider.

Python 3 support for appy.pod must wait

I changed #1157 into Sleeping state. The situation is a bit complex on the human level. My current opinion is:

  • There is no need to hurry because we can use Stefan Klug’s Python 3 port which seems to work at least for the test suite.

  • Gaetan is still stuck with Python 2.4 and not yet actively interested neither in porting Appy to Python 3 nor in collaborating with contributors. This might change in the future.

  • Sandro made good suggestions to Gaetan in a private dialog, and Gaetan did not yet answer all questions. I hope that they find an agreement in the future before a solution becomes necessary.

  • The whole question of hosting Lino under Python 3 is just a psychologic feature as long as Python 2 is officially supported.

Thanks to Gaetan, Sandro and Stefan for their work so far.

I realized that ODFPy is required only for Lino Extensions Library, not for the Lino core.