20161026 (Wednesday, 26 October 2016)

Importing legacy data from TIM

I started to import legacy data on a new production site using tim2lino. Note that tim2lino is rather hackerish, and I don’t think that anybody besides me will ever use it because it is for importing data from TIM into Lino.

New plugin attribute lino_xl.lib.tim2lino.Plugin.use_dbfread.

The first female Lino team member

Tonight I had a Skype session with Leena, who might become the first woman in the world who understands Lino. For the moment she is just starting and has no Django experience, but she knows Python, is motivated, and her first attempts were promising. Welcome to our team, Leena!

Review of the Developer’s Guide

After my meeting with Leena I had (as usual after talking to a newbie) lots of ideas about what needs to be reviewed in the Developer’s Guide. Some of them made it onto the website.

The topic of demo projects isn’t yet well documented because until today I had a fundamental problem: I din’t know where to write this documentation (i.e. whether in Atelier or rather in Developer Guide).

The concept of demo projects is specific to Lino, but it is implemented in Atelier. And even though the Lino Team is currently probably the only user of Atelier, Atelier is designed be used also for non-Lino projects.

One solution might be to move these tasks and configuration settings from Atelier to The lino package. I tried this. Actually it was only the inv prep task and the demo_projects configuration setting.

The documentation is not yet fully adapted, but it seems the right direction. I also started to use the envvar directive for the invoke configuration settings. For example sdist_dir, editor_command.

Note for newbies: These changes also required a release of Atelier. So when upgrading your repositories and if you aren’t yet using the development version of Atelier, then you must run:

$ pip install -U atelier

(Yes, I am a perfectionist, and I care less about backwards-compatibility and deadlines than the Django Software Foundation…)