Sunday, November 20, 2016ΒΆ

I worked on #1227 and did a rather radical change in lino.modlib.notify which I shortly mentioned in a comment to #923:

remove the Message.subject field. A notification message has just a body. This fixes our design problem of having redundant text in subject and body.

Testing these things is time-consuming because many situations are not yet covered by automated tests.

Found and fixed a bug: The actions RefuseClient and MarkClientFormer did not actually change the new client_state.

In lino.modlib.notify.fixtures renamed demo to demo2 because not all users were being notified.

Message.body is now a RichTextField and

TextFieldElement.value2html now uses E.raw() instead of E.fromstring() in order to display HTML content correctly also in a html summary.

Added Textfieldelement.format_value() in order to render HTML content in a rst table.