Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lino Welfare

Release in CPAS de Châtelet, mainly for #1310. But e.g. #1302 got done as well.

In atelier.invlib.task I removed two lines which had been added by the futurize script.

In Lino Welfare is a new version of the Lino Tutorial in French, written by Mathieu.

The checkers defined in (not only our new checker LongEventChecker) did not attribute the problem to the event’s owner but to lino.modlib.checkdata.Plugin.responsible_user.

I also reviewed the verbose names of thes checkers and their translations to French.

I fixed a bug in lino.modlib.notif : the slave summary of MyMessages did not filter out seen messages.

Then for #1302 I added a new attribute StatisticalField.short_name .

I changed the verbose_name of the model from “Event” to “Calendar entry”.

Lino Care

I continued to work on #1315.

I did some optimizations in Lino Noi.

For example ticket actions are no longer subclasses of NotifyingAction. The NotifyingAction approach should probably get deprecated. Maybe rather CommentingAction (i.e. an action which optionally writes a comment).

I did a release to in order to test these changes in Lino Noi (before bugging the Lino Care people with unfinished things).

I removed after_ui_create as its functionally the same as after_ui_save() with cw set to None. I’d even beg (but didn’t verify) that in households and/or events this caused even a second, useless call to fill_members or fill_guests.

I understood that when sending unseen notification message by mail, we never want this to happen individually for every notification. Actually, even when the user wants to get notified “immediately”, this means some realistic lapse of time (currently it is not even configurable- it is every 10 seconds and basta). So MailModes.immediately is no longer used, its function is replaced by MailModes.often. Existing production sites should switch manually.

The mail_mode is now also stored per message and per vote. Users can now select per plea how they want to get their email notifications.