20170107 (Saturday, 07 January 2017)

I read “Weapons of Math Destruction” by Cathy O’Neil and started a new document http://hw.saffre-rumma.net/fs/ck.html.

I wrote comments in #1333 and #932.

I am in the final sprint before deploying a new version to Oikos in order to show them my work of the last weeks.

Move My Notification messages to the end of the dashboard

The “My Notification messages” table is now by default at the end of the dashboard. This change had a few positive side effects:

  • I renamed get_admin_main_items() to get_dashboard_items()

  • I added a get_dashboard_items to the Plugin class, and Lino Noi uses this new feature, it no longer defines its dashboard items per Site but delegates this to the installed plugins.

Hamza’s first tutorial

Hamza wrote a tutorial Discovering Lino using your debugger.

I added a reference to it to the Developer’s Guide.

I had asked Hamza to put the document to docs/dl/dev, but that’s not necessary, the links can get directly to the raw files on GitHub.

The tutorial is written in LibreOffice, not in Sphinx. This has advantages and disadvantages:

  • WYSIWYG makes authoring more productive when there are many screenshots. If I had asked Hamza to write it in Sphinx, then he would probably still be working on it ;-)

  • A printable pdf document is a coherent unit of knowledge. The reader does not feel lost in the middle of a huge web site which never seems to end.

  • Cannot run automatic tests inside the document.

  • If one day we would generate a real book from the Lino website, this tutorial would need special treatment.

More optimizations in tickets & votes