Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rumma & Ko as Lino hosting provider

Today’s big news is that Rumma & Ko plans to become themselves a Lino hosting provider. Yesterday I had a 4 hours meeting with Tanel and Tonis Piip in Tallinn where we started a business plan and a first draft for the SLA we are going to offer to our customers.

The mere idea of doing it myself came to my mind only shortly before the meeting, at around 15:30, during my travel to Tallinn with Tanel. Before that moment I was convinced that Rumma & Ko would always remain a developer and never enter the hosting business.

The plan is yet to be confirmed, we are working on it (#1395). I will consult with our partners. Tanel will prepare internal documents. Tonis must first decide whether he joins the team or not.