Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lino Avanti is advancing

I optimized the summary view of LanguageKnowledgesByPerson and adapted the Lino Welfare test suite after yesterday’s changes.

A small new feature: SubmitDetail now closes the window when the actor’s stay_in_grid is True. This makes the behaviour of LanguageKnowledgesByPerson more intuitive.

Coachings now a plugin on its own

I did #1421, which took me five hours: I forked the “Coachings” functionality out of lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw into a plugin on its own, lino_xl.lib.coachings, which is going to be used by both Welfare and Avanti.

This will require a database migration in Lino Welfare where models pcsw.Coaching must be renamed to coachings.Coaching. The same for CoachingEnding, ClientContactType and ClientContact models.

It was a rather benedictine work, but it had to be done as it was required for #1400. (Johanna and I realized this today).

I am proud of Lino because I believe that a change like this would have taken days (not hours) with any other framework.

Rumma & Ko as Lino hosting provider

Today I also got constructive feedback on #1395 from Roger.