Thursday, February 2, 2017

In a hangouts session with Tonis Piip we observed a funny test failure in tickets (Ticket management in Noi). The py2rst in “The detail layout of a ticket” printed a nearly empty string. And I had been working on the permissions system yesterday! So it was obviously caused by these changes!

But (after some debugging) it turned out that the reason was much simpler: this morning I had temporarily changed default_ui in from its default (lino.modlib.extjs) to lino_extjs.extjs6 in order to test Hamza’s work… And py2rst doesn’t yet work in this case. I recorded this as #1459. This is related to #951.

I also realized that the page about Introduction to permissions is important. I reviewed it and moved it from the “Drafts” section to the “Design chocies” section.

Monique reported #1458, which turned out to be a real subtle bug in how Lino computes whether there are still available places in a course. That computation can be complex in long-running courses where participants come and go. I wrote a test case to cover it: lino_voga.projects.roger.tests.test_max_places.

I did a deploy on Die Eiche because Monique wants to write her invoice and because I wanted to see whether my explanation was correct (it was).