Thursday, February 9, 2017


Yesterday, when reproducing that UnicodeException, I also changed an API detail in the on_ui_updated signals: the request is now an ActionRequest (and no longer a HttpRequest).

And with this I discovered (in lino_welfare.chatelet.lib.pcsw.models) an old and forgotten on_ui_updated handler which was sending an email each time somebody modified a notes.Note. I removed that handler.

And today I saw #1475, which is exactly the problem which matches this change.

To replace that handler, I now changed lino_xl.lib.notes so that a Note is now also a ChangeObservable who sends notifications to the client’s coaches.

I adapted the test suites after our yesterday’s changes.

I continued to work with Tonis on the RecentComments list. It is not yet what I would call an elegant API, but the result looks satisfying for the moment.