Sunday, March 5, 2017ΒΆ

There were still some problems with the test suites after for #1492. The default value for hide_events_before is being set in

I deployed the new version to the Avanti production site. Optimized the demo data for our next site visit. Discovered and fixed a UnicodeError.

The task states ( now use unicode symbols when use_silk_icons is set to False (and for Lino Avanti this is the case). The recommended icon strategy is to use unicode symbols (button_text) instead of icons (icon_name). At least for actions that are being displayed in workflow buttons. For toolbar buttons the unicode symbols are admittedly not yet optimal. A clear advantage of silk icons is currently that they are colored. Though that advantage may become void if we add a way of specifying the colors (background and foreground) for the button_text.