Tuesday, March 7, 2017

About projects and tickets

More ideas about #1516. The difference between “ticket” and “project” is indeed difficult to explain. For example something that started as a seemingly meaningless “ticket” can grow into a whole “project”. But that’s not the point. The most visible difference is that projects have a name while tickets just have a number. Another rule of thumb is that tickets should be atomic tasks.

I realized that a project in Noi is called a product backlog item (PBI) or a Sprint in Scrum. Or at least for the moment I don’t see why Lino should introduce a new database model for differentiating them. We have the ProjectType

As a result, I updated the Project management documentation page.

I worked on #1551 and #1553. I could not reproduce #1551. We will look at it after the release. But I defined now a set_author() method which is called after duplicating.

I fixed #1553 by a minor change in lino_xl.lib.cal.mixins.EventGenerator

Minor optimization: When testing manually, I saw that ContractPartner should have allow_cascaded_delete set to ['contract'].