Thursday, March 9, 2017

About this blog

One of the things I ask from other team members is that they should read this blog. (And since you are reading this, you are a good team member :-)

This blog is currently our central channel for “official” team-wide announcements. At least developers should be able to understand what I am writing about. So please, when you read this blog and see something you do not understand, then please ask me to reformulate it. Or if you understand it but disagree with me (e.g. about some priority or design decision), then you should inform me about your disagreement.

Reacting to my blog is active work. As a result I created #1564 (Review Luc’s blog) where you can track your working time on this.

Integrating emails into Lino

Tonis has been working on #1374 (Reply to comments via email). This helped me to realize that this ticket is the wrong direction and that we should rather work on #1556.

Replying to comments via a mailto link (1) is far from covering all use cases and (2) does not work on my machine. We rather need to store every incoming and outgoing mail on to the Jane database. Linking mail messages to a ticket (or to several tickets) might be automated in some way, but anyway these links must be reviewable by humans through the web interface. A parser might triage certain mails (and suggest mail-to-ticket links), but that’s not the most important.

There should be a table UnreviewedMails which shows a list of that user’s mails which have been added to the database and for which the user should check whether they are linked to the right ticket(s). And there should be a possibility to mark individual mails as private, maybe even to delete them if they accidentally contain confidential information.

I guess that we can use django-mailbox for this.

The biggest challenge will be displaying the content (body and attachments) of these mail messages correctly. But this is not the most urgent thing. In a first approach it’s enough to see date, time, sender, recipients and subject, plus a link for downloading the raw message as an .eml file. Later we can add a bleached version of the body, and attachments should become entries in lino.modlib.uploads.

Tonis, I suggest that you leave lino_xl.lib.inbox as is and start a new plugin lino_xl.lib.mailbox.

Bleach now works with weasyprint

Cool: Will Kahn-Greene released the new version of bleach which works with recent versions of html5lib. This should fix our #1262.

I tested it by reinstalling my default Python environment. As a side effect I worked on #1494 and updated Learn about your work environment. This revealed a few dependency issues. For example Lino Noi uses pytest for testing, and therefore the tests_require in is ignored.

Another example was more complex. In book there was a series of problems with the following documents:

  • docs/specs/sales.rst

  • docs/specs/ledger.rst

  • docs/specs/invoicing.rst

  • docs/specs/finan.rst

  • docs/specs/contacts.rst

These documents are part of the test suite, but they required the lino_cosi demo databases to be installed and initialized. This was of course from the time when these modules and docs were in Lino Così and not in Lino Extensions Library (i.e. before #1529).

Strange : runserver in the cosi_ee project gives a white browser screen because it cannotfind static files. The pierre project is technically very similar but does not have the problem.

>>> from import settings ; print settings.STATIC_ROOT
>>> from import settings ; print settings.SITE.site_dir

The due_date in DebtsByPartner was empty for providers.

An interesting example of a pitfall about configuring plugin settings and their default values is the start_year for pierre : ledger: General accounting fails when it uses lino_book.projects.pierre.settings.doctests and not lino_book.projects.pierre.settings.demo.

Also I had the following:

$ pywhich commondata
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute '__file__'

Do we have a new rule that namespace packages don’t have a __file__ attribute? I have no explanation for this error yet. I did a little change in atelier so that at least inv clean failed.


I had a two hours meeting with Johanna, Janina, and Thomas. Here is my next to-do list for Avanti (#1547).

  • Statt die Namen zu verstecken für Janina (Auditor), ist es eigentlich eher so, dass der Auditor überhaupt nicht direkt die detailierten Daten sehen kann, sondern nur einen einzigen Menüpunkt “Berichte” hat. Janina wird die Berichte als Excel-Dateien runterladen: Klienten, Kurse, Teilnehmer, Anwesenheiten.

  • Coachings raus. Nur ein einziges Feld “Primärbegleiter”. Und die Sozis im ÖSHZ kommen als Klientenkontakte rein. Das Panel für Klientenkontakte muss wohl größer werden.

  • Neue Aufgabe muss Status “todo” haben.

  • Dashboard aktivieren.

  • Im Detail eines Termins fehlt der Klient. Und die action buttons. Und assigned_to ist zu viel.

  • Termine generieren pro Klient : da kommt nichts.

  • Terminstatus “Stattgefunden” verweigern, wenn es noch Teilnehmer gibt, die noch auf “Eingeladen” stehen.

  • Summary panel für EventsByCourse

  • Kursleiter und Sozialarbeiter sollen keine Termine generieren können.

  • Teilnehmerliste drucken können.

  • Diverse Übersetzungen

  • Text “Tags” im Feld “Wann” eines Kurses wenn Mo, Di, Do und Fr.

  • Feldbezeichnungen cal.Task : “Zahlungsziel” -> “Frist”. “Autor” -> “Verantwortlicher”

  • Klick in Event.overview zeigt alle Termine an diesem Tag. Unnötig.

  • Produktionsbetrieb aufnehmen (Demo-Modus abschalten und fiktive Daten löschen)

Zu klären:

  • Jeder darf nur seine Kommentare sehen. Aber sind Kommentare überhaupt das Richtige? Jedenfalls brauchen wir keine Diskussionen. Zu klären, wenn Johanna mir eine Liste mit Beispielen “Entwicklungsverlauf” geschickt hat. Kommentar-Arten fehlt im Menü Konfigurierung.

  • (?) EnrolmentStates : Bestanden / Nicht bestanden.

  • Neues Feld “Aufenthaltstitel” pro Klient. Wie war das noch mal?

  • Hide field Course.end_date

  • Hide fields Course.every_unit and Course.every

  • Hide num_places from Enrolments.insert_layout


Hamza and I explored three possible strategies for fixing #1382:

  • prioritize the click event so that the a href gets it and not the cellediting plugin. See also Wrapper with onclick takes priority over child with href which links to this.

  • use the context menu and add a classmethod Actor.get_cell_context_actions() which returns a dict which maps field names to some kind of action handlers. This would be the best solution because it extends the API (application designers could define custom cell context handlers). But it looks quite difficult to implement.

  • toggle the cellediting plugin on and off. Because the problem occurs only when cellediting is enabled. But it seems that this is not possible in ExtJS without reinstantiating the grid.