Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Avanti, es geht los!

I did last changes in Avanti for #1547 and then upgraded their server.

I also moved them into “production service”, i.e. I set to False and I ran the following script:

from lino.api import rt

Plans for today

I suggest that Tonis and I will work together today (as far as possible) in order to

  • (mainly Luc) make some more optimizations in Jane for project management (new tables Wishes and Duties)

  • (mainly Tonis) update the SSL certificates on

  • (mainly Tonis) configure postfix on SR so that our mails@SR (luc, tonis, hamza, tanel) make it into the database (I guess by calling getmail on each incoming mail)

  • release@jane

  • (Hamza) get ready to switch Jane to ext6 when we have released Noi on Jane


I added a database model “Competence” to A competence is when a given user is responsible for a given project. Users see a new table “My competences”, which gives an overview of the projects you are working on. The list is sorted by priority. It is even a quick link.

A vote now has a mandatory pointer to project. That is, when a user votes for a ticket, this vote is always in the context of a given project. The default value for the project of a vote is the user’s top-most competence.

Side effect: We have a new overridable standard model method obj2href. Application code should replace ar.obj2html(obj) by obj.obj2href(ar) when it wants to use the default text. See also #1504. But this here is even more because now we can specify per model a default value for the text and title to use for building a clickable HTML link to that object.


I did the release to Jane with Tonis watching. He is learning quickly. It seems that the new things (competences and vote.project pointer) are what I wanted. I’ll continue to discover this tomorrow.

And then another HO with Hamza where we activated extjs6 and did tests on Jane. We discovered two more issues, so we had to switch back once more. Hamza liked the new structure competences and vote.project pointer.