Friday, March 17, 2017

Vilma now using Noi

Yesterday I had a meeting about Lino Vilma with Ülle. This caused a little TODO list which I delivered in a quick sprint (using #1588):


  • bugfix : cannot create projects

  • verbose_name of tickets plugin is now “Projects”

  • verbose_name of clocking plugin is now “Work time”

  • adapted detail_layout of organizations and persons for entering addresses

  • SkillsByProvider also for Company

  • Changed the default value for lino.core.utils.Parametrizable.params_panel_hidden from False to True.

  • Move Vilma from Lino Care to Lino Noi à la Team

  • import Estonian places ($ dm loaddata eesti)

  • Ticket.allow_cascaded_delete = ‘votable’

  • release @ vilma

  • sent mail to Tanel & Ülle

  • new sample project lino_noi.projects.vilma


  • Automatically create a vote when a user comments on a ticket

  • Why did Lino let me delete person id 110 alors qu’il y avait des topics?

Running a server in readonly mode

I opened #1589 because this is a current situation these days. It caused a few code changes (e.g. it is not initdb but only pm prep which should do nothing on a readonly site) in order to become (hopefully) useful. See my comments in Jane.

Adapting test suites

I adapted the Noi test suite after my changes this morning.

Repairing the docs

I finally fixed a little problem (#1591) which had caused my blog to not publish yesterday.

Bitcoin versus Taler

I read a blog post by German FSFE fellow Wolfgang Romey about the high energy usage of the bitcoin system (Bitcoin: ein Energiefresser!).

How Much Power Does the Bitcoin Network Use?, brings it to the point by saying “Bitcoin may be a useful way to send and receive money, but all this financial liberation doesn’t come for free. The community of miners who create bitcoins is using vast quantities of electrical power in the process.”

Romey then mentions Taler, a new alternative to Bitcoin developed by Inria. The important difference AFAICS is well summarized on the Taler website: “When using Taler, merchants cannot hide their income from tax collection authorities. Unlike cash and most digital currencies, Taler helps prevent black markets. Taler is not suitable for illegal activities.” Yes, Bitcoin is for liberalists who don’t trust in governments. I do trust in governments because I believe in democracy. (Which does not mean that democratic governments are perfect.) That’s why Bitcoin is not important for me. Yes, I still like my page about Why software must be free.

BTW the Taler documentation is authored in Sphinx :-)