Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hamza and I had a field visit for the ext3to6 project. We temporarily switched Jane to ExtJS6 and then tested whether it is usable. Result: it is almost usable. Hamza wrote down the details (I delegated that task to him :-).

I realized that the approach using design_name is not yet what we need, and wrote (with Hamza watching) a sponaneous new approach using a mobile_view Site attribute.


  • Configure a new subdomain for Jane which inherits from the main jane, similar to what bugs does. But unlike bugs it changes the mobile_view attribute instead of the default_ui and default_user attributes.

  • Figure out how to automatically have clients choose between the “desktop” version and the “mobile version.

  • start writing mobile-friendly layouts (see untested example in lino.modlib.users)

  • write more documentation