Saturday, April 22, 2017

Avanti advances

I worked for #1786.


  • Ich nenne den neuen Klientenzustand nicht “Sprachtest”, sondern “Neuzugang”. Hauptsächlich weil ich kein englisches Wort für “Sprachtest” einfiel.

  • Reiter “Sprachen” umbenannt nach “Kurse”.

  • Felder “Verfügbarkeit” und “Kursbedarf” raus.

  • Neues Feld “Bericht Sprachtest”. NB Statt dass nur dieses Feld für alle Kollegen bearbeitbar ist, können jetzt momentan wieder alle Sozialarbeiter alle Klienten bearbeiten.

  • Die BeID-Felder (Kartennummer, Ausstellungsort…) sind jetzt nicht mehr schreibgeschützt.

  • Den Reiter “Umfragen” habe ich in den Reiter “Entwicklungen” integriert.

  • Uploads : hier kann man eingescannte Dateien hochladen. Sichtbar als Panel pro Klient inm Reiter “Person”, sowie alle meine Uploads im Menü “Büro”. Lino warnt, wenn ein registrierter Upload ein Ablaufdatum hat, das demnächst ausläuft.

  • Frühere Wohnsitze : Nur ein Feld “Dauer” statt “Beginndatum” und “Enddatum”

Technical notes:

I added a new field language_notes (“Bericht Sprachtest”) to lino_avanti.lib.avanti.models.Client. They want that field to be editable by a given social worker who is responsible for all clients in that new state. Fieldwise authorship is not directly supported in Lino. If you want certain fields to be editable and others not, then you need to make the whoe record editable and then “disable” the individual fields. I added a manager_roles_required which causes every ClientsUser to be allowed to edit the clients of their colleagues. Maybe that solution is even okay for them. I don’t remember that they required Lino to prevent users from editing clients of their colleagues.

I moved the lino_welfare.modlib.uploads to lino_xl.lib.uploads. Translatable messages that moved from welfare to xl:

  • “Identifying document”

  • “Expiry warning (unit)” _(“Expiry warning (value)”)

  • Needed

  • _(“%s expires”)

  • _(“Issued by (Organization)”)

  • _(“Issued by (Person)”)

There is currently a little interdependency between coachings, beid and uploads. I leave it there because it won’t be clear until there’s another application wanting to use one of them. The order of menu items (in Office) changed slightly because welfare must come before uploads and after excerpts.


I did some Estonian translations for Lino Vilma in Lino and XL, then deployed the newest version to their production site. Vilma is now very simplistic: just a contact manager with a skills feature. No ticket management, no calendar, no meetings. This is the result of Tanel’s and my observations with local people. We first try to get them use this simplistic Vilma, and maybe later add features. Special thanks to Ülle, Maie and Kaily.


I did #1291 and deployed it to the production site. The enrolment states for Welfare are defined in They do not want the state “trying”, so I changed the label of this state to “Never came”:

EnrolmentStates.trying.text = _("Never came")

That’s certainly not perfect, I first tried to remove it, but that caused a problem because we have a virtual field which uses it. One day we will need to tidy up there: create those virtual fields automatically from the EnrolmentStates choicelist.