Thursday, April 27, 2017


I realized that I should restore the functionality which I removed from Lino Vilma last Friday. With the subtle difference that users won’t see it. Only system administrators and project managers can see it, most users will be of user type Collector (koguja) which doesn’t have the required roles.

A side effect is that our collected tickets and comments and Tanel’s worktime sessions are now back. Actually it was this side effect which triggered me to do that step back to the future (and to do it now, before people start working). But the main reason for this move is that “my feeling” says that one day all this functionality will be useful.

For now there is only one change in Lino Extensions Library : I removed PublicTickets from dashboard.

TODO: We will need some more changes in XL because currently the collector user does see some unwanted menu items:

  • new roles CalendarUser and BloggerUser

  • meetings should require the tickets.Triager role


I fixed #1789. This was a side effect of a recent change in lino.core.kernel.Kernel.run_action() which does now more severe permission checkin. The reason was that Guests had a wrong required_roles:

+    # required_roles = dd.login_required(dd.SiteStaff, OfficeUser)
+    required_roles = dd.login_required((OfficeUser, OfficeOperator))