Thursday, May 25, 2017¶

I finally continued #1793 (SEPA Payment Initiation (Zahlungsaufträge)). The pain001.xml template was alread used to generate an XML file from each payment order, but that file still contained template commands from TIM and therefore produced invalid XML files.(Yes, I simply copied the TIM template because this is what they are currently using, and because this file contained already quite some know-how. Lino now validates these XML files. And it was a joy to convert them because I used test-driven development in Lino Tera : miscellaneous.

This ticket is required for the spz project (Lino Tera). They want to get started with accounting functionality first and leave the therapeutic part currently in TIM. Which might cause a bit of a challenge when they want to move also that second part to Lino. We decided to do it in two steps because an accounting solution is more urgent and the therapeutic functionality will probably get a big redesign when they will merge with another therapeutic center in 2018.

lino_xl.lib.sepa now injects a field sepa_account into Journal.

The test suites of book, voga and welfare needed adaptation because some details changed in the demo fixtures: for example Rumma & Ko is now the site_company for all demo databases. Or payment orders are now being generated only for partners who have a bank account. This is done using a new filter parameter lino_xl.lib.ledger.ExpectedMovements.show_sepa for

SuggestionsByPaymentOrder sets the new parameter to yes.