Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Optimizaing data entry of invoices and journal entries

Today Tonis and I worked on #1891 which is urgent because Lydia waits for it.

Sum of invoice was mostly a config problem (missing VAT rule). Optimized an error message.

The wrong behaviour when reordering was because get_siblings was not being ordered by seqno. We now say that get_siblings does not need to specify the ordering. Because the calling code can always add it. There are cases where you want another ordering or no ordering at all.

We decided to set preview_limit to 0 for lino_xl.lib.finan.ItemsByVoucher.

Writing a PR for Django

For #1329 Tonis and I did some more changes to Lino and our Django fork so that the pull request becomes even smaller.

I then created PR #8635 (Separate authorisation from authentication) and Django ticket #28302.