Sunday, July 2, 2017

I did a few more changes after exploring the results of the test runs: country_module is back because we want a default value for it. The default value and only choice for this option is currently the Belgian declaration (even cosi_ee uses it), but that’s just a matter of time.

And lino_xl.lib.sepa.mixins.Payable.get_wanted_movements() didn’t yet work when lino_xl.lib.vat was not installed (as is the case in Lino Welfare).

I almost finished adapting the test suites, but I now realize that the current implementation doesn’t support the case of companies who declare to more than one country. So the next step will be to move most of the declarations plugin to vat, and to write independant plugins for every country: lino_xl.lib.bevat, lino_xl.lib.devat, lino_xl.lib.luvat etc.

I am looking forward to do these changes, but it seems that they need to wait a week because tomorrow I am going to participate in a camp on Saaremaa.