Friday, July 14, 2017

Today I worked mostly on #1960.

I fixed a bug in which caused lino_xl.lib.ledger.ActivityReport to always say “No data to display”, but then replaced the ActivityReport by its components (General accounts balance, Customer accounts balance and Supplier accounts balance) as individual menu entries.

And then three new tables PrintableInvoicesByJournal sales, vat and ana.

And a new report lino_xl.lib.ana.AnalyticAccountsBalance which inherits from lino_xl.lib.ledger.AccountsBalance (do you see why I love Python?).

Above changes caused quite some new entries to the Reports menu which starts to be a bit crowded now. Not yet sure how to solve this in an elegant way. Maybe a special “reporting dashboard”. Keep in mind that one day we will want a feature of generating all legal accounting reports as pdf files in a batch process

I fixed an old bug which caused entries of the Accounting menu to not always be in the user’s language (by using django.utils.functional.lazystr())