Saturday, July 22, 2017

I continued to work for #1874. Thanks to writing down Migration von TIM nach Lino Tera I understood that individual therapies shouldn’t be implemented as coachings.Coaching but as courses.Course. Also partner lists go away, these are courses as well.

lino.utils.mti.mtichild() was originally written for avanti, but now we need it in tera as well.

Optimizations in Amici

I deactivated the site_setup() function in lino_xl.lib.contacts.models which called set_detail_layout() for lino_xl.lib.countries.Places. That was an obsolete method which disturbed now because I want a custom layout in Lino Amici. And actually in every application which uses lino_xl.lib.addresses we actually want the new AddressesByCity table. This means that all applications which use lino_xl.lib.contacts should now define that detail_layout in their custom_layouts module. Might cause some coding work.

The default value for lino.modlib.checkdata.Plugin.responsible_user must be set in on_plugins_loaded(), not in on_site_startup(). Because otherwise we cannot override it in the Site’s setup_plugins() method.