Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I continued to work for #1874. Today I will deploy it to their production site and analyze them with Lydia.

The debugging messages of style 18072017, h:|courses.EnrolmentsByCourseHandle|, hname:|_lino_ui_handle| #1955 introduced by Tonis for #1955 in lino.core.actors and lino.core.kernel are disturbing for the moment. I guess that the “right” way in this situation is to change them to debug level in the code and then use logging config on jane in order to set log level to DEBUG for these modules. But for now I just commented them out manually on the site’s copy of the Lino repo. This is an exceptional situation, let’s not waste our time on this right now.

Once more (as already Friday, June 23, 2017) we have the challenge that we want to re-import master data (partners, clients, courses, enrolments) from TIM but do not want to loose accounting data. Here is the general approach:

  • make snapshot a (before upgrade)


  • django run a/ and repair manual migration issues:

    • “TypeError: ‘client_state’ is an invalid keyword argument for this function” (File “20170726/a/”, line 546, in create_contacts_partner)

    • “TypeError: ‘event_policy_id’ is an invalid keyword argument for this function” (File “20170726/a/”, line 1116, in create_tera_client)

  • make snapshot b (after restoring a into new version)

  • Run ./ in order to (correctly) re-import all data from TIM. This will destroy all bookings which were already done.

  • make snapshot c (with correct partners but without bookings)

  • copy the following files from b to c (overriding files in c):

  • Run django run c/

Session log:

$ a
$ ./
$ mkdir 20170726
$ mv snapshot 20170726/a
$ ./
$ python run a/