Thursday, August 10, 2017

Entering financial docs

Worked on #1999.

  • show partner id in parentheses after the name when selecting the partner of a finan voucher item. Refused because their actual problem is having duplicate partners.

  • cal.Event.project was empty after hitting (+) in EventsByCourse

    changed project_model from ‘tera.Client’ to ‘courses.Course’.

  • New field lino_xl.lib.ledger.Journal.auto_fill_suggestions

  • DatedFinancialVoucherItem no longer uses as default value when a new line is created.

  • New warning “No account specified for {item}” when no account was specified.

  • item_account and item_remark now shown in detail layout of JournalEntriesByJournal

  • In a JournalEntry item, after entering an account and if amount is empty, Lino now suggests the sum of the other items.

Two more optimizations a 10:30am:

  • I set slave_grid_format of FinancialItemsByVoucher from grid to to html. Seems that it had been like this before, and that it had been deactivated. To be observed why.

  • The description of MovementsByMatch did not show the partner of financial voucher items.