Sunday, August 27, 2017

I started a new page phones : Multiple phone numbers per partner (Contact details). First qustion was: which of the book projects can I use for showing phones? Spontaneously I took Lino Vilma. So added phones to this. Which made me see that Vilma was actually broken due to some changes in meetings. But nobody noticed it because there was no test for this.

I completely removed ticket management from Vilma because I am quite sure that the Vilma project will rather become a kind of customized contacts management for village activists. With a skills catalogue and possibly a CMS.

I continued to work on the “synchronization” part which was not yet seriously done at all. Now the following rules are implemented (but not yet thouroughly tested):

  • after activating the plugin on a production site for the first time, a checkdata --fix should create all contact details.

  • updating a field on the owner should update the value of the corresponding primary item

  • updating a primary item should update the owner field