Wednesday, August 30, 2017

ImportError: This package should not be accessible on Python 3

The last error I am having in the test suite of the book is in printing : Basic printing functionality. It says:

ImportError: This package should not be accessible on Python 3. Either you are trying to run from the python-future src folder or your installation of python-future is corrupted.

This is #1296.

The error does not occur when I test only that particular document:

$ doctest docs/specs/printing.rst

I need to run the whole suite:

$ inv test

Or at least:

$ python test -s tests.test_docs

It happens also on travis, but there it looks different, it says:

PodError: An error occurred during the conversion. Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: can't initialize sys standard streams

Cannot use …lino_cache because it is used for …Site

There was another error on travis:

Exception: Cannot use /home/travis/build/lino-framework/book/lino_cache/mysite for lino_book.projects.polls.mysite.settings.Site because it is used for mysite.settings.Site. (Settings None)

That’s because lino_book.projects.polls can be called in two ways:

  • from tests/


    The DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE is mysite.settings because that’s how the Django tutorial works.

  • In doctest docs/dev/polls/index.rst it was being run with lino_book.projects.polls.mysite.settings

Solution was to add the following to the doctest init of The Lino Polls tutorial:

>> import os
>> os.chdir('lino_book/projects/polls')

Explanation: usually the docs are being tested with the project’s root directory as current directory. For most pages this is not important. And since every test runs in its own process, they may change it without affecting the cwd of the next test.

This error did not occur on my machine because in a normal development environment the directory holding the is used as the site cache. On Travis we cannot do this because for some reason (I forgot the details) we cannot write to the source repositories. That’s why we define the LINO_CACHE_ROOT in our .travis.xml:


I now added this variable also to my own .bashrc file. But I seem to remember that this configuration is disturbing in a development environment because it causes false alerts in quite some situations.

Continued with Avanti

Added id to EnrolmentsByCourse so they can click on this field in order to open the detail window. As a side effect they will be more aware of the “enrolment id”. If they don’t want this, then we must think about whether there is another field to make clickable.

I changed the verbose_name of the city field (of the lino_xl.lib.countries.CountryCity mixin) from “City” to “Locality”. In German this should be translated to “Ortschaft”. I consulted this discussion before deciding.

“Kann Befragung Erstgespräch Salalala Anna 13.04.17 nicht löschen weil 1 Answer Remarks darauf verweisen.”

Yes, there were missing allow_cascaded_delete in AnswerChoice and AnswerRemark.

Response Answer AnswerRemark AnswerChoice