Friday, September 1, 2017

The Lino Tera project is about to reach its first milestone (entering accounting data of 2017 into Lino and compare with the results of TIM). A last important thing is to optimiza reporting. The GeneralAccountsBalance for example is theoretically okay, but the user must open the parameters panel, enter two dates (from 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2016), then click the refresh button, then adjust the column widths, and then print…

Should we rely on appypod? -> yes for the moment. #1534 (Use secretary instead of appy.pod?) #1157 (Help Gaetan to get appy.pod work under Py3)

Can we simply add a button to the VAT declaration which prints the GeneralAccountsBalance for the same period?

Should we use booking dates or rather booking periods for selecting the observed period? selecting by the value_date of the movement is more straightforward and more performant. Why then do we have accounting periods at all? Answer: because we have periods “between the years”, e.g. 2017-00 comes after 2016-12 and before 2017-01.


  • change AccountsBalance from dates to periods

When a plugin modifies another plugin

In lino_xl.lib.appypod I replaced:

def customize_contacts1(sender, **kw):
    from lino.utils.addressable import Addressable
    for m in rt.models_by_base(Addressable):


from lino.utils.addressable import Addressable
Addressable.print_labels = PrintLabelsAction()

The result is the same. The latter looks more elegant, both of them bear the risk of shooting in your foot. Difficult to say which one is worse. The latter one modifies the Addressable class object, that’s probably considered bad style (citation needed). But the first one isn’t innocent either.

Keep unseen notifications

Thanks to Mathieu for registering tickets 2029 to 2032. For #2029 I added two new config variables keep_unseen and remove_after.