Thursday, September 14, 2017

Yesterday (Wednesday, September 13, 2017, for #2065) I removed dd.NullCharField after having read that Django now allows nullable CharField. And now I observed that this was not enough. I also had to adapt because now the field no longer takes care of handling the special situation. Fixed. Added a test case lino_book.projects.adg.tests.test_nullchar to cover this.


More optimizations: Therapists are now CourseTeacher role and see the MyCoursesGiven table. The teacher_model in Lino Tera is User, not Person. MyCoursesGiven did not yet support that.

Welcome to Doti Sandhya Rani

Doti Sandhya Rani, a Graduate Student at Texas State University, started to learn Lino with me as mentor. Welcome to the community, Doti! I reviewed the second chapter of the Developers Guide (Playing with your first Lino site) with Doti in mind.

Lino on readthedocs

Uff, The Lino Book now builds on readthedocs:

Welfare failing on Travis

I added a method lino.utils.config.ConfigDirCache.scan_config_dirs().

I removed rt.relpath() and replaced it by an ellipsis because anyway it failed on travis