Thursday, September 21, 2017

Today I worked on the bootstrap3 interface (for #2076 “Make (bs3 for jane) more usable”). I used lino_book.projects.bs3 for testing.

  • tickets are now visible to everybody (private tickets just hide their description and comments)

  • renamed AllTickets to Tickets

  • removed PublicTickets

  • Logging in and out didn’t yet really work there.

To “log in” or to “sign in”?

I surfed about “sign in versus log in” and found that we should indeed change “log in” and “log out” to “sign in” and “sign out”.

I liked Roland Tepp’s explanation: Mostly because “Logging” something does not really convey the meaning of “entering” quite the same way as “sign in” does. I can log any daily event, but that is just a mention of a fact while when I sign in at the door of an office building, I am giving my signature that I have entered the building and when I “sign out”, I am also recording the fact that I am leaving the building…

An avalanche of internal changes

#2076 triggered #2077. I know that it’s me who wrote Lino, but this software will never stop to surprise me. Today was such a moment. I am amazed. J’ai beau savoir qu’il est tombé dans la marmite quand il était petit…

  • login and logout are now implemented as Lino actions SignIn and SignOut. Until now they were “hard-wired” in the linoweb.js and had their own view in lino.modlib.extjs.views.

  • The label_align on a panel was being ignored. Fixed. This feature is used by SignIn because with the default labelAlign=”top” they really looked too weird.

  • We have a new feature : actions can now respond with a goto_url. This feature is used by SignIn and SignOut to request a page reload.

  • ActionParamsPanel now uses buttons instead of tbar. Looks better.

  • in extjs6 we still had “Sorry, dialog action without”

  • as a result it is now possible in bootstrap3 to sign in and out. that’s what actually triggered the avalanche.


  • in extjs6 the labelAlign doesn’t work

  • bootstrap3 is still not finished : it still uses the /auth/ view (should use /users/Users/sign_in instead), the usernames of UsersOverview are not clickable, …