Friday, October 13, 2017

Lino Care II is ready

I worked on #2072 (Lino Care version 2 without tickets) and released it to their production site.

  • The overview field is no longer a DisplayField but a HtmlBox. That’s because we want it to have a scrollbar when there is not enough room to view it.

  • lino_xl.lib.addresses.AddressOwner now supports being used when the lino_xl.lib.addresses plugin itself is not installed. This is used for lino_xl.lib.contacts.Partner which now inherits from it.

  • the full names of their users table got lost because writing a migrator for this would have been complicated since users are no longer persons (and the original dump ws written using an older version).

  • This was the first test of the lino_xl.lib.phones.ContactDetailsOwnerChecker for converting a production database. Passed.

  • The template context had no name site although it was documented.

  • I added a Sphinx directive tcname for documenting template context names, and a role of same name (tcname) for referring to them.

  • A Person is now Certifiable and the demo databases have a default template contacts/Person/Default.odt which prints a “Terms & Conditions” document, which they will probably need for the Lino Care site.


  • For Lino Care we would like to also make users.User inherit from Certifiable, and since the mixin is optional (i.e. supports being applied when its plugin is not installed), the most elegant way to get there is to make the standard User model certifiable as well. That’s currently not possible because it would create a dependency (lino depends on lino_xl). Solution would be to move excerpts from xl to lino.