Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Last tests for #2115 before deploying it to their production site. I changed how lino_xl.lib.cal.UpdateGuests reports about what it did.

During the data migration I had this message:

Abandoning with 2 unsaved instances:
- dupable.PhoneticWord {'word': [u'This field cannot be blank.']} (2 object(s) with primary key 1520, 1523)

Tooltips on buttons without image

Ha! I found a fix for #1545 (tooltips don’t show on buttons without image)! This problem was only in extjs3, not in extjs6.

I continued to convert the docs for lino_xl.lib.cal to prosa. For example the references lino_xl.lib.cal.Event or Events should now be clickable:

Lino Care second edition

I updated the Oikos production site for #2072 (Lino Care 2nd edition) and wrote instructions to Johannes.


Some precisions to #2115 after hangout with Johanna:

  • Neues Feld Category (Detailzustand? Phase?) pro Klient und neue Tabelle Categories

  • avanti.Client.ending_reason : change choicelist to table EndingReason. Renamed EndingReasons to OldEndingReasons and ending_reason to old_ending_reason.

  • Beendigungsgrund pro Einschreibung wieder raus

  • I re-enabled two new EnrolmentStates “ended” and “aborted” which are not yet visible though.

  • A lino_avanti.lib.avanti.Coordinator is now an OfficeOperator, i.e. they can edit the calendar entries of other users. Do they have entries of their own? I guessed no (i.e. removed the OfficeUser role), but am not sure.