Friday, November 24, 2017

Marketing work

I finised by blog entry November 2017 which summarizes (in German) the last weeks.

I also updated the Lino Community Guide, Organisations and Development providers pages.

Optimizations in Lino Avanti

I continued with #2157. Teachers complain that the sorting order used for the guests of a calendar entry (which Lino fills from the enrolments of a course) is not always the same. And indeed, GuestsByEvent has no order_by, so it inherits the one which is defined on Guests:

order_by = ['event__start_date', 'event__start_time']

Which definitively is not what we want.

Also the table had no order_by specified because it did not inherit from cal.Guests. So here we specify now manually:

order_by = ['event__start_date', 'event__start_time']

I added a merge action for Client, Person and Company.

New field

Wrote demo data (EventType “Internal”) & adapted test suites.

Optimizations in Lino Tera

I started to write an import fixture for Lino Tera which imports their “notes” and “topics” from TIM (#2162).

$ python loaddata i20171124

Release Lino Avanti

manual data migration:

  • coachings.CoachingEnding -> avanti.EndingReason

  • coachings.Coaching and coachings.CoachingType were empty

Quick bugfixes en passant:

  • when an admin user acts as an auditor, then Lino showed the full names (i.e. did not simulate what the subst_user would see)

  • when cal.RecurrenceSet.max_events was 0, Lino did not remove all automatic events but used the site-wide default value.