Thursday, November 30, 2017

Avanti optimizations

I worked on #2169 for which I created two subtickets:

  • #2171 was easy, just an additional chunk of html in the slave summary.

  • #2172 was only a few lines of code changes, but took me a couple of hours because these things are quite subtle. I added a test case in lino_book.projects.roger.tests.test_faggio.

  • The views in which until now required (OfficeUser, OfficeOperator) require now the new user role

Inner beauty

I deactivated the Python 3 line in the .travis.yml files of The Lino Book and Lino Extensions Library. Because I know that the test suites are still currently failing under Python 3 (I still hope that Gaetan will release appy-python-3 in the near future) and there is no need to let Travis CI test it again and again.

I opened #2173 (ConnectionError when book test suite runs without internet). It occurs in The github plugin in Lino Noi. One hour later Tonis had fixed it :-)