Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Now I finally finished what I started on Monday ago: #1696 (Site-wide global search) and its child #1792 (quick search with several words) are now done. (Of course there are more optimizations to come). Summary of changes:

  • New table lino.modlib.about.models.SiteSearch.

  • A new model class attribute lino.core.model.Model.show_in_site_search which can be set to False if you really don’t want a model to occur in the site-wide search.

  • For models with no char field at all (lino_xl.lib.ledger.MatchRule), Lino returned always all objects, independently of what you entered as earch text.

  • When then quick_search contains more than one word, Lino now returns rows which contain all words, but does not require them to be in the given order.

  • I started a new specs page search : Add search functionality.

The lino.core.model.Model.quick_search_fields and lino.core.model.Model.quick_search_fields_digit attributes are now tuples of field descriptor objects (no longer frozenset of field names).