Saturday, December 16, 2017

Reappearing on Facebook

Oh my God, after reappearing on Facebook yesterday I couldn’t refrain from confirming dozens of friend suggestions and copying my blog post to my Facebook wall. And of course my friends reacted. One of them asked “What caused the change of mind concerning Google, my dear?”

Dear Duche, I didn’t change my mind concerning Google and Facebook. I changed my answer to the question whether it makes sense to boycott one of them. And I am already regretting it. My comeback makes me realize more clearly why I had left them two years ago. Being on FB leads you to continuous temptation. Of course I love to talk with my friends about all kinds of topics. Of course I would love to simply take part into these discussions without caring about who then gains property of our collective intellectual work. Should I stop worrying about these questions? I thought that I should but it seems that I can’t. Without asking such questions I wouldn’t work on Lino Amici and on Social Authentication. Should I really stop working on these projects? I feel like the bull in Francis Cabrel’s La Corrida.

But I also know that my personal feeling at a given moment is no valid indication about reality. The question whether my work, my stumblings and victories make sense is too complex for having a simple answer. Yes, maybe I am that poor bull who fights without having a chance. But maybe not. We never know in advance whether it makes sense. Noah or Jona saved others because they followed their vocation although it felt obviously ridiculous. I will –of course– continue to work on my projects. Especially as long as they pay well. And currently they pay even two full-time salaries.

Phonetic words getting lost

The summary panel of lino.modlib.dupable.SimilarObjects now shows the list of phonetic words also when there are no similar objects. This will help us to find out why phonetic words sometimes disappear. #2198.

Optimizations in Amici

When a person has no primary address of their own, then Lino now looks up its primary household and uses this as primary address.

The lino_xl.lib.addresses.AddressOwner mixin now inherits from lino_xl.lib.countries.AddressLocation.