Monday, December 18, 2017

Miscellaneous optimizations

I adapted the test suites for Lino Welfare after my recent changes.

In Lino Voga I added the lino.modlib.about.SiteSearcher role to all user types.

New field lino_xl.lib.phones.ContactDetail.end_date. And the summary panel of lino_xl.lib.phones.ContactDetailsByPartner now hides away items whose end_date is not empty. #2211 (Marking a contact detail as obsolete)

In Lino Amici we want to store also “historic” roles of a person, for example the fact that somebody has been working somewhere from a given date or until a given date. We want two additional fields start_date and end_date. We could inject them in Lino Amici, or we can extend the plugin there, but this feature might be wanted by other applications as well. Therefore it should be implemented as a configuration option of the contacts plugin: new plugin attribute lino_xl.lib.contacts.Plugin.with_roles_history. #2212 (Add start and end dates to contact roles)

Optimizations Avanti

In Lino Avanti we had a UnicodeDecodeError problem which arose when displaying a particular object whose __str__ choicelist contained non-ascii chars. I fixed this problem by replacing calls to django.utils.encoding.force_text() by calls to builtins.str() in lino.core.renderer.HtmlRenderer.obj2html().

New user type “Secretary”. Can see name, address and other “not very private” data of clients, can manage enrolments and reminders, but not e.g. trends, CV, notes, etc.