Saturday, January 5, 2019

I maybe found a solution for an intuitivity problem : the __str__() of Enrolment now just says the two id numbers (partner / course reference or id), and EnrolmentsByClient and EnrolmentsByCourse now use the detail_link.

The possibility to add an unspecific partner by clicking at the magnifying glass of the TwinComboBox of the field.

lino.mixins.polymorphic : the MTI navigator now removes MTI parents without detail view. lino_xl.lib.contacts.Partners no longer has a detail view.

lino_xl.lib.tim2lino.spzloader2 now creates the course lines so that “individual therapies” is the first one. That’s important because the first course line is used as the default when creating an enrolment without specifying course.

The invoiceable_fee virtual field didn’t yet work (it was a displayfield, must be a readonly fk field).

Die Buttons und Hilfetexte des Fakturationsplans waren noch in der falschen Reihenfolge, hatten englische oder unklare Hilfetexte. Der Button “Rechnungen erstellen” war unsinnigerweise auch im Toolbar des Fakturationsplans.