Friday, February 22, 2019

Mads Michael found his first Lino bug: Uploading files under Python 3 caused a server error Exception Value: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str' (#2845). The problem was obviously in handle_uploaded_files() of lino.mixins.uploadable.Uploadable. I fixed it. I tested only manually whether uploading a file having non-ascii chars in its name works under both Python 2 and 3. TODO: write a test case to cover this.

I realized that the “library files” feature was overkill for our case. MM and I will probably not need this feature, I will simply forward incoming invoices to him and he will enter them in Lino and then upload the file.

Today from 9 to 10 I had the first meeting with MM as our potential future accountant.

Both Hamza and Tonis missed our third stand-up meeting. I hope that we agree that these meetings are a good thing and that three times a week is not too much, and that it is a good habit to cancel your appointments when you know that you can’t join a meeting. OTOH I cannot even be angry with them because who knows when it would happen to me. I prefer to say that Life is more important than work, and that appointments are made for the team, not the team for appointments. We do not offer service level agreements where we promise a quick response time to our customers.

I fixed #2811 for Johanna.

I saw a typo in the the specs about and started to review the whole specs page. I rebuilt the book. And zack, one hour of worktime was gone.

I fixed a bug which caused a UnicodeEncodeError in export_excel : Exporting to Excel on Travis and possibly in other situations as well. Yes, Hamza is the culprit for this problem, it was introduced here.

$ pip install -U openpyxl