Thursday, February 28, 2019

I continued what I started yesterday : move the chatelet part our of the lino_welfare package into a new package lino_welcht. This also caused changes in welfare and book.

Sorry, Hamza, you will have a bit of additional work because you some uncommitted local changes in welfare which must get moved over to The Châtelet variant of Lino Welfare.

Summary of the changes

We should do the same operation for weleup soon, so that welfare is really just a library (like xl).

Released Lino Welfare 19.2.0 in order to test the install instructions for welcht.

Building docs under Python 3

I had a file with a name containing a non-ascii char in one of my blogs. This causes a problem when running inv clean -b under Python 2 in that project. I thought “Okay, let’s switch to Python 3 for building all our Sphinx docs”.

But inv bd fails under Python 3 for projects that use sphinxfeed. sphinxfeed needs feedformatter which didn’t evolve sincs 2009. Yes might be a replacement. But for now I decided to rename the non-ascii file and leave this for a later date.