Saturday, March 9, 2019

Reviewed the book to get more newbie-friendly

I reviewed the Developer Guide with a potential newbie developer in mind and did some reorganization:

mv team/learning.rst dev/newbies
mv team/newbies.rst dev/newbies/index.rst
mv dev/newbies/index.rst dev/newbies/
mv docs/team/prerequisites.rst docs/dev/newbies/
mv user dev/quick

I am still thinking about the file names and URI structure. The Lino book has three target reader groups:

  • “about” deciders, stakeholders, surfers might read “About Lino” and watch the demos.

  • “dev” Developers

  • “admin” Hosting providers look at the Hoster’s guide

The Developers guide differentiates “application developers” from “contributors”.

There are two versions of sections “Get started” and “Install Lino”