Friday, March 22, 2019

Python 3 syntax error

I changed the following in the files for book and welfare:

 latex_documents = [
-  ('index', 'lino.tex', ur'lino', ur'Luc Saffre', 'manual'),
+  ('index', 'lino.tex', 'lino', 'Luc Saffre', 'manual'),

Yes indeed, ur’strings’ are a Syntax Errors in Python 3. And I moved my default environment to Python 3 recently.

It’s funny that this didn’t occur earlier (during inv bd). It seems that Sphinx loads the the in a way which does not cause the problem. It occurred to me only today when I invoked pp -l. The pp command now (since Thursday, March 7, 2019) loads the file of every doctree.

Why should a volunteer help us making Lino better?

Kishan asked a good question about my request on codementor: “Ok look interested but what is in it for volunteers apart from monetary benefits.”

You can use Lino as a framework for making money in the same way as I did since 2002.

My basic formula with my customers is as follows:

  • Interview with the customer in order to check whether their problem is something for Lino.

    One aspect is the technical side: whether a Lino style application makes sense, whether I am able to write it for them.

    Another aspect is the financial side: they must understand the difference between free beer and free speach. During the first 15 years I worked successfully by offering fixed yearly flatrate contracts: the customer pays a given sum per year and for this they get my unlimited support.

    Since 2016 I also offer per-hour service where the customer pays for every minute of my time (support, analysis, code changes, write documentation).

  • If both of us have the feeling that they need a Lino, I write a prototype for them. They don’t need to pay for this.

Why should developers choose Lino

Kishan asked on codementor:

Ok look interested but what is in it for volunteers apart from monetary benefits.

Yes, that’s a good question. I needed some time to formulate the answer and wrote a new page Why should a developer choose Lino?.