Thursday, April 11, 2019

Globally ignoring certain files in PyCharm

I added the following patterns to the Ignore files and folders field in Settings ‣ Editor ‣ File Types in PyCharm:


Thanks to and Rich Eakin (who reported my problem) and Anastasia Kazakova (who answered Rich’s question).

Lino Presto advancing

I continued working for #2776.


  • I continued writing Eine Besichtigungstour.

  • Order.description was a BabelTextField (we want a normal TextField).

  • New option lino.modlib.users.StartPlan.update_after_start

  • Clicking “Create invoices” a second time (when no calendar entry is getting invoiced), Lino must not create any order items.

  • InvoicesByOrder. Should the sales.VatProductInvoice be ProjectRelated?

  • Added DailyPlanner to main menu


  • DailyPlanner must be navigatable (like WorkedHours)