Friday, May 24, 2019

I continued to work on #881.

Summary of today’s team standup meeting:

  • Luc was frustrated because PC is so slow. H and T are satisfied with Visual Studio . Maybe Luc should try it, too.

  • Luc will fix failures on travis caused by his changes (e.g. book/docs/specs/invoicing.rst (invoicing : Generating invoices).

  • Hamza will work on

    • Failures on Travis in Py 3.7 that are not in Py 3.6. Note: why do we test both 3.6 and 3.7? Not sure… but at least it is good to observe the differences.

    • Research work for using docker files to provide easy installation instructions for production sites

  • Tonis will continue on the React front end. Editable grid widget. Soon a release to Hobbit so we can test it on the field. We decided to not buy professional support from PrimeReact, which also means that we must maintain our own fork.

I think that we can remove the Python 2 environments from the travis.yml in book. They are often failing for trivial differences in string representation. These have taken us much energy and time, but soon they will be history. Maybe wait until the last production site has moved to Python 2.

The demo lino_book/projects/20121124 contained backslashes in the docstring which caused an import failure during coverage. This project isn’t being tested, and probably we can safely delete it.

An after-release for Avanti

Johanna reported a (minor) security issue: #3021 (Lehrer können Namen aller eingeschriebenen Teilnehmer sehen). Which shows that they have motivated users. Great!

Indeed, teachers must not see the list of all clients. Only the names of those who participate in their course. So they cannot be able to add new guests to a calendar entry or new enrolments to a course. And they should not be able to edit the Client field of existing guests or enrolments.

I fixed the issue and added a test case to User types in Lino Avanti.

While looking at their lino.log I noticed that the action didn’t work. Fixed.

They asked to change the labels of the fields and from “Client” to “Participant”. And I changed this in the XL because it seems to make sense for everybody. The test suite will probably have quite some failures because of this.