Thursday, August 1, 2019

More optimizations in getlino

I did some more things for #3036. Changes in lino, startsite and getlino.

  • write a supervisor config file for linod

  • add new options “front-end” and “languages”.

  • generate random secret_key and db_password (default value for default_ui on new sites)

How to decide whether linod must be installed for a site? Basic answer: when the site’s env has schedule installed. But how to see whether the env has schedule installed? And actually this is not really true for sites which use the shared-env. So it’s better to add a new site attribute use_linod

I renamed configure to install because I meanwhile think that it was a bad idea to use the same name. “configure” implies that it will ask questions.

  • Maybe add a new option server-features with default values “appy monit mysql pgsql https redis” instead of having lots of boolean options

  • New options mysql and pgsql (the server features). db-engine becomes the default value for new sites. Check whether the selected db-engine is available on this server

Generate secret_key and db_password.

New server options --db-user and --db-password. Because when testing we prefer to reuse the same db user again and again.


  • new option configure –ldap : install an LDAP server (a stand-alone server, independently of any Lino site)

  • ldap-bind, ldap-uri, … : these parameters will configure new sites to use LDAP (as a client). Probably using django-auth-ldap. This can also be used without –ldap when the LDAP server is somewhere else. NB nginx must also protect webdav location using these settings.


  • the test suite should not only create a site but also test whether the server responds. Using cypress?

  • adapt the installation instructions in Developer Guide : use getlino. Move the details of installation instructions from book to the getlino docs.

  • Should getlino write a bash_aliases config file (either system-wide or per user)? –> No, this seems too intrusive. Rather write some “recommendations after installation” in the book.

Kleiderkammer inkl MWSt

The document generated by aids/Confirmation/clothing_bank.body.html in lino_welfare.modlib.aids should mention that all amounts are “VAT excluded”. I wrote a first suggestion, using an optimization in the lino_welfare.modlib.households.RefundsByPerson table.

Changed some option names in getlino

Actually I just want to write a comprehensive installation page for Lino… but ended up by optimizing some option names:

  • projects-root becomes sites-base

  • repositories-root becomes repos-base

  • backups-root becomes backups-base