Friday, October 11, 2019

Multiple primary coachings

I did #3137 for The Châtelet variant of Lino Welfare : New plugin setting multiple_primary_coachings for lino_xl.lib.coachings. When this is set to True, the uniqueness of the primary coaching is no longer just per client but per client and coaching type. As a result you can have multiple primary coachings per client.

I applied this change as a local patch on their production site.

Reviewed the Developer and Contributor Guides

I made more changes in the book about installing Lino. #40.

Miscellaneous bugs

Fixed a side effect of #3212. When working on this ticket I wasn’t aware that Avanti also uses lino.modlib.comments. This side effect had slipped through the test suite simply because the lino_book.projects.avanti1 demo site had no comments. Now it has, and the side effect wouldn’t have gone unnoticed, so our coverage has increased :-) It seems that there was yet another hidden bug lino.modlib.memo.PreviewableChecker which became visible.

To fix the actual problem (a Client indeed has no field, I added a new method lino.modlib.comments.Commentable.get_comment_group(). And overrides this to return, but the default implementation returns None.

‘The has become empty in the dashboard of two demo databases. I guess that this is caused by Tonis’ recent work on the calendar view. He didn’t know that this table is also being used as a dashboard item and via the menu. Tonis, please have a look at this failure:

doctest docs/specs/tera/cal.rst

Last changes for Lino Avanti

Meeting with Johanna. We scheduled next Friday as the big date for their server move. We also identified two more things to optimize:

  • Wir haben noch einen kleinen Denkfehler entdeckt : es muss nur eine Standard-Klientenkontaktart “ÖSHZ” geben, und im Bericht muss Lino die Funktion des Sozis drucken.

  • Logo im Bericht und Nummer raus aus dem Titel.

Lino and mailing lists

Hamza and I had a hangout where we continued to work on #3196 (Find an alternative solution for mailman and migrate to the new server)

  • We forget about Sympa because we discovered Mailman 3. MM3 has even a REST API while Sympa uses SOAP which is more heavy.

  • Luc sends a warning mail to the active mailman lists

  • Hamza migrates Mailman as it is from the old to the new

  • Later we upgrade mm2 to mm3 and extend Lino’s list plugin to use the mm3 rest api.

  • static Apache documentation sites : Configure book doctree on the new LF for nginx

  • Manually re-create all websites as for the book