Monday, November 25, 2019

Today I adapted the book test suite after changes in #3313. This caused some more API optimizations:

  • New database field

  • lino.core.auth.utils.AnonymousUser.is_anonymous

  • New method lino.modlib.comments.Commentable.add_comments_filter()

It’s the first time I use a Reverse Generic Relation. We need it for specifying the filter condition in

I recorded most of my work today in seven screen casts “Watch Luc adapting the doctests in book after changes for #3313” which I published on youtube in a new playlist named Lino developer sessions. Updated the Screen casts page.

En passant (and without a screen cast) I also fixed a bug in atelier: You may invoke inv test from any subdir of the project. But after the changes for #3340 (use unittest2 instead of python test) this was failing. Now atelier.invlib.tasks changes the current working directory to the project’s root_dir before launching test_command.