Sunday, December 22, 2019ΒΆ

I realized that we want, in Lino Amici multiple addresses for households and organizations as well. So we no longer change lino_xl.lib.households.Plugin.partner_model from its default value to contacts.Person.

Which means that we must adapt the detail layouts for households and organizations. For the latter this is trivial because Amici already has a custom contacts plugin. But for households I had to choose: make a custom plugin for amici just for overriding the detail layout? Sounds a bit of an overkill. So I decided to fix this by making lino_xl.lib.households aware of lino_xl.lib.addresses and lino_xl.lib.phones : it now provides a usable HouseholdDetail when these two other plugins are also installed.

I stumbled into a bug #3429 (TypeError: must be str, not __proxy__). Happened on a recurrent event with non-empty field and occurring on more than one weekday. Fixed the bug and added coverage in the cal : Calendar functionality doctest.